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Tile roofs are an exceptional roofing system…..
shouldn’t you protect your investment?




We work with contractors across the country.
Let us assist you with your
tile roof restoration.


About Alberson’s

Alberson’s products have been manufactured by ATRG since 1987. They work!

William Alberson Sr.,the President and CEO of ATRG, not only designed and developed the formulas for our products, he established the application methods that we use.Read More

The Hydro-Sheen Products have been manufactured by Alberson’s Tile Roof Glaze, Inc. for almost 30 years!

Alberson’s Tile Roof Glaze, Inc. has a long standing commitment to “GREEN” products.

Since 1987, Alberson’s has been producing Environmentally Safe products such as Hydro-Sheen Tile Roof Glaze, Hydro-Bond Roof Tile Surface Stabilizer, and Hydro-Shield Tile Roof Glaze, that meet or are below the V.O.C. levels that are established by Government Agencies. Alberson’s also manufactures other green products to include RTC 5000 Roof Tile Cleaner, Hydro-Sheen Oxide Alternative, and Hydro-Shield Protect Your Point-Up!