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Gleocapsa Magma Algae, the culprit behind those stubborn black marks on your roof tiles, thrives in a specific environment. With pores in concrete collecting dirt and providing a breeding ground, this one-celled plant multiplies and hampers natural water evaporation. However, by harnessing the power of Alberson's RTC 5000 Cleaner and sealing your roof with HYDRO-SHEEN, you can effectively disrupt the algae's growth cycle. Our environmentally safe and bleach-free solution not only loosens the foundation of the colony for easier removal but also safeguards surrounding plants and greenery. Put an end to unnatural weathering and promote the durability of your tile roof by incorporating the recommended sealing process, complete with algaecide-infused sealer coats. Bid farewell to algae-related issues and embrace a pristine, long-lasting roof surface.

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