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Oxide Alternative

Hydro-Sheen Oxide Alternative is a high-performance coating that helps prevent efflorescence from the mud-work. With its advanced formula, colored to match factory standards set by the manufacturers, it gives your tile roof a clean, complete appearance.

This innovative product is specifically designed to mitigate the efflorescence that seeps from the mud-work, giving a complete and clean look. Alberson’s Oxide Alternative is just that, an alternative to the oxides added in the concrete of the mud-work. Applying the Oxide Alternative once the mud-work is installed, will give your project a finished, clean look that your homeowner will appreciate. Whether you want the factory match or a custom match, Hydro-Sheen Oxide Alternative offers a wide range of shades to choose from.

In addition to its aesthetic benefits, Hydro-Sheen Oxide Alternative with the Florida sup-tropical climate in mind. It forms a protective barrier that prevents the efflorescence (salt in the concrete) to be pushed out the backside of the mud-work instead of the front where it can be aesthetically unappealing.

Furthermore, Hydro-Sheen Oxide Alternative is designed for ease of application and low maintenance. This makes it a cost-effective solution that not only enhances the appearance of your tile roof but also saves you time and money.

Hydro-Sheen Oxide Alternative is the ideal choice for the fit and finish of your project. Experience the transformative power of this advanced coating and service that will make you as a tile roofer stand apart from the others. Contact us today to learn more about Hydro-Sheen Oxide Alternative and how it can elevate the beauty and performance of your tile roofing projects.

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Oxide Alternative


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