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Revitalizing Fleet Landing

Revitalizing Fleet Landing: Restoring Beauty to a Weathered Tile Roof

Introducing Fleet Landing, a remarkable building that has stood the test of time. However, the effects of dirt accumulation and multiple replacement roof tiles of varying colors have taken a toll on the roof's appearance. Despite the diligent repairs carried out by a trusted roofing company, the cosmetic issues remained unresolved. That's where Alberson's Tile Roof Glaze stepped in to work their magic.

Upon closer inspection, it became evident that the mudwork oxides on the roof tiles had oxidized beyond repair. The seemingly "White" areas seen after cleaning were actually remnants of blue paint used by the roofing company to conceal their repairs. Unfortunately, paint is not a durable solution for tile roofs, leading to unsightly discoloration over time.

With the completion of all necessary repairs and a thorough washing using Alberson's RTC 5000 Roof Tile Cleaner, it was time to embark on a transformative four-part restoration process. The initial set of pictures captured the roof's condition at the beginning of the restoration journey, showcasing its dirty and worn appearance.

Working closely with the customer, Alberson's Tile Roof Glaze restored the roof to its former glory. The customer opted to return to the original Wedgewood Blue color with an accent shade. As evident in the subsequent pictures, the roof radiates a vibrant blue hue, enhancing the building's overall aesthetics. It's worth noting that slight variations in the blue tone across the photos are due to the sun's position during the photo sessions.

Alberson's Tile Roof Glaze takes pride in its ability to breathe new life into tired and weathered tile roofs. By offering a comprehensive restoration process, they ensure that roofs regain their original charm while maintaining the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

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If your tile roof is showing signs of wear and tear, don't despair. Contact Alberson's Tile Roof Glaze today and discover the transformative power of their restoration expertise. Let them bring back the timeless beauty of your roof and elevate the appeal of your building. With Alberson's, you can trust that your tile roof will be restored to its former glory, leaving a lasting impression for years to come.

Unlock the potential of your building's roof. Reach out to Alberson's Tile Roof Glaze today and experience the unmatched expertise and dedication they bring to every restoration project. Contact them now to embark on a journey of revitalization and rediscover the true splendor of your tile roof.

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